I use a lot of different media and a lot of different apps to author only however i ONLY use imgburn to actually burn my dvds and now blu-rays. I understand different media might work differently on different components, so maybe trying different media will help even though the Maxells work fine on my Philips. I am assuming this accomplished the backup that the forum was referencing but am not sure. If all else fails, I could give it another shot, I just recall that I couldn’t get it to work and couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. Are Samsung and LG good models? It’s better than a MOBO swap. Or you could just get a new burner, they’re cheap.

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Hp Compaq Dx2310 Mt Lan Driver Download

The lowest speed for authoring has nothing to do with burning and won’t fix your problem. I also turned off the screensaver. I shut down every other process related to Symantec and there were about 5 of them all using a decent amount of memory. If so, I’ll check it out. Well, 2 failures in a row with the world-famous TY premium discs. There are members here who are highly knowledgeable on this subject, and perhaps one will weigh in here.

That told me that the desktop PC or its burner is likely the issue. The back has the burn lines like a burned DVD.


Imgburn was one of the first I tried, and it’s been awhile I gave up on burning for about a year before recently trying again. Can other programs running on the PC interfere with the burn process? I remember in the early days of DVD burning when keeping one’s firmware updated was more important.

WinX DVD Author is very easy to use, and sometimes produces perfect discs, which leads me to believe it’s not the software, and it has ors2 reviewed online by a reasonable number of users.

I used Verbatim psr2 awhile for my Philips HDD recorder, but then had 2 160p6 in a row with immediate failures like in a row off the topso quit using them. Also how old the burner is.

Drivers Download: Hp Compaq Dx Mt Lan Driver Download

Your problems with known good quality discs seem inexplicable otherwise. Thanks, appreciate your thoughts and ideas on this. Then it was confusing but I chose ‘read flash’, it brought up PRS2 and asked me where to save it as a.

Is it an all-in-one program?

Can I be sure the new drive will fit in the slot where my old one is? I tried to delete the process but still no success. Easy enough to find with imgburn. I run a program that cleans registry, temp, startup, etc, every week, but have not done a defrag in a while so will give that a try. Should I try to install the firmware from the link they provided? Because your present firmware may be less than optimal, particularly if the burner is a couple of years old.


The time now is I trashed that disc and popped another into the 1606s and it’s burning fine now. Are Samsung and LG good models?

LITE-ON SHWP6S resources and drivers

IMGBurn can tell you this. But oh, in the early days it was hit and miss. Do a search with your model number, adding firmware to the prs term, and you’ll find several out there for that unit. I’m sure the hardware is at least 3 years old because the PC is that old. It might help if you tell us the exact model number and manufacturer of your DVD burner. Are you saying that the firmware might be too old to work 160l6s with current DVD discs?

The burner may not have the correct burn strategy for certain discs. I author with TDA3, then burn with imgburn.