Install Lan Driver nf7-s2g Return next week when we will focus on the AMD Socket platform and the motherboards, chips and scores that defined that particular era. The current advantage of Serillel is that you can add an additional IDE drive to your system for a total of five instead of four. Today we continue our Mother Memory Lane series, shifting our focus back to the beginning of the last decade, to a time when AMD had the upper hand against Intel in terms of raw performance. Abit Eq the Hardware Doctor Utility

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Knowing how well those other two iterations of the NF7 platform have performed, I’m sure you’ll agree we have some high expectations about what this board will be able to do, so let’s get started! Check out the submission from I.

This is definitely the best overclocking nForce 2 motherboard. These holes were missing on the revision 1. Soft Menu III, don’t ya love it? Privacy policy and Terms of Use.

Motherboard Memory Lane: AMD Socket A, Abit NF7-S V and AMD Athlon +

There are a few things about the NF7-M I would change though. He managed a reference clock of Power Management Setup Privacy policy and Terms of Use.


Please log in or register to comment. Something I was extremely happy to see was that the NF7-M was only using Rubycon capacitors, nothing else. Load Fail-safe Defaults Don’t have an account? Install Cpu And Heatsink Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Nvidia’s competition mohterboard been scrambling to catch up, fn7 even newer chipsets like VIA’s KTA don’t appear to have enough muster when it comes to the benchmarks or feature lists.

It supported a range of K7 architecture AMD processors and core designs that spanned the period from to How To Get Technical Support I was happy that Abit did all the little things right, the motherboard is very well labelled, and there was even thermal compound between the northbridge heatsink and nForce2 IGP.

ASUS has three boards in the top ten and 5. Install Serial Ata Driver nf7-s We are comparing here the NF7-S revision 1.

nForce2 6-way Motherboard Roundup – December 2002

About Us Employment Privacy Policy. Probably a more important change for many users is the addition of 4 holes around the CPU socket necessary for mounting large CPU heatsinks, such as those from Swiftech and Alpha as well as various water-cooling blocks.

While most motherboards using the nForce2 chipset only have passive cooling anit the Northbridge, Abit have equipped the NF7-M with a small active heatsink. The nForce Ultra was most popular with overclockers due to its ability reach higher clock speeds with independent CPU, memory and AGP overclocking. The boards perform very well, mootherboard have a whole load of overclocking options that the tweakers out their can truly appreciate. We have not tested any other boards for the AMD platform that were able to do this until now.


Doing straight out of the box is an amazing feat in itself. It was manufactured using a nm 0. Standard Cmos Features This board is i Canterwood chipset based and should perform even better than the skipped E dual channel DDR chipset.

I always like seeing a manufacturer use components which have a good reputation for quality on their products. With five bit PCI slots you won’t have any problems adding in future expansion cards if desired either. We would have preferred to nf7-j an in-house ABIT comparison, but ABIT as well as several other smaller manufacturers decided at the end of not to put their already finished Intel E chipset based boards into the market.

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