Flexible connectivity is standard through either USB 3. Splitting is usually performed on the basis of wavelength, allowing applications such as ratiometric calcium imaging or FRET, however, polarizing beamsplitters are also supported. Mega-pixel sensor now available. The application of the EM gain of the Luca-R serves to amplify the weak signal above the read-noise floor, thus drastically improving contrast and definition of fine structural features inside the imaged cell. Supplied with a patented compact, pulsed nitrogen pumped tuneable dye laser, it is capable of ablation, bleaching and uncaging over a wavelength range of to nm R1. Monochromatizing a femtosecond high-order harmonic VUV photon source with reflective off-axis zone plates Monochromatizing a femtosecond high-order harmonic VUV photon source with reflective off-axis zone plates.

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Andor Driver Pack – 3. Shamrock Spectrograph The Shamrock Series are the latest addition to the Andor family of imaging spectrographs based on Czerny-Turner optical design R1. What are you looking for?

Andor Drivers and Downloads | Andor

The dual output amplifiers allow software selection between either a conventional CCD or Electron Multiplying outputs R2. Imaris Coloc 2 pg Imaris Coloc flyer. Cooling down to 50oC below ambient results in a low dark current contribution. Application Note – Spinning disk confocal microscopy helps reveal lhca territories in living yeast Application Note – Anvor disk confocal microscopy helps reveal gene territories in living yeast.

It harnesses megapixel resolution xspeed and a robust USB 2. Taking microscopy imaging by STORM Just over a decade ago, Xiaowei Zhuang and her team developed a novel microscopy imaging technique that changed the way we look….


Luca EMCCD Camera from Andor Technology | SelectScience

The Optosplit II can significantly widen the scope of any fluorescence imaging system R1. English Version R1. When brighter conditions were employed, such that the obtained signal was stronger and well clear of the read-noise floor, the interline sensor with its smaller pixels delivered sharper resolved microscopical images as shown in Figure 2.

The ability of the Luca-R to perform markedly better in low-light conditions is in aandor with the theoretical calculations of signal-to-noise ratio for the two different sensors used in these cameras, as illustrated by the plot shown in Figure 4. In such a case, the interline camera that should offer superior spatial resolution by virtue of NyQuist oversampling of the diffraction limit can still suffer from a readout noise contribution which hampers the ability to resolve fine intracellular detail.

Under bright signal conditions, the interline Amdor offers somewhat better image quality — this is due to the now dominant influence of smaller pixel size. How to handle files generated by Fusion. The standard midband coating MB has the highest peak in the visible.

Andor are global leaders in the development and manufacture of high performance scientific digital cameras for academic, industrial and government applications. The x array and Dragonfly Specifications Sheet – Japanese.

Andor Dragonfly Specifications Dragonfly is a high-contrast multi-dimensional imaging platform capable of four key imaging modalities R1. Test Conditions Luca-R and CCD X were compared on an inverted fluorescence microscope using confocal illumination through a spinning disk unit CSU, Yokogawa to test sensitivity performance and resolution under different signal strength conditions. anxor


Luca-R EMCCD versus interline CCD cameras for cell microscopy applications

In this case the Luca-R can still be argued to exhibit superior resolution performance. Luva Holospec – the high throughput spectrograph Andor Holospec – the high throughput spectrograph.

Diskovery Brochure Available at Neuroscience Microscopy Systems Gatefold Gatefold brochure featuring Andor’s full range of microscopy systems.

Revolution DSD2 Brochure Andor Anor provides a framework for our range of laser-illuminated microscopy solutions, including spinning disk confocal, TIRFM and photobleach and activation modalities. Instrumentation for conventional Raman microscopy Instrumentation for conventional Raman microscopy.

Andor Driver Pack 3. Designed to deliver the ultimate in high QE, low noise imaging performance.

Drivers and Downloads

Adnor Mosaic Wrapper 3. Shamrock 2-page Flyer Czerny-Turner spectrograph, offering the best price performance imaging spectrograph solution on the market. A PDF of this article is available on the Andor website: Note that for other camera manifestations of this interline CCD sensor exhibiting even higher read noise, this break point would appear further up the curve still.

Stunning Zebrafish video wins top Nikon prize. Low noise and large field-of-view are ideal for OEMs, biological sciences, spectroscopy and astronomy Cooling down to 50oC below ambient results in a low dark current contribution.

The exceptional performance of the Apogee Alta F16 makes it the perfect solution for many demanding astronomy applications.