The cause was that the drivers brought the card up with audio muted. I uninstalled the pvr leaving just the one single tuner.. I haven’t upgrade to the latest GB build yet. If you try to record something else while another recording is scheduled, a conflict window pops up and ask if you want to cancel the other recording. Initial attempts to use the device sometimes produced distorted “razzy” audio; however, I never noticed such problems when using mplayer to access the card, so I suspected a problem in the way MythTV tuned the device. Newest Customer Reviews Sort by: It’s conceivable that calling v4lctl directly, rather than in a script, would work around the problem.

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This board requires the cx88 and cxblackbird kernel modules to operate, as well as various ancillary kernel modules. Write your own review. This problem also seems to have been solved as of kernel 2.

Review of SageTV Media Center and AVerMedia UltraTV

The board will not function as an MPEG-2 encoder without a successful firmware upload. AVerMedia also makes avegmedia cards, such as the AVerTV Studio and the M, which require different drivers and installation procedures from those described here.

The main thrust of the question is actually about the M card.

What you see at the top is information about the currently playing channel including the program information. I am not eligible for this product. I agree to terms above and have a “. Limited to stock on hand.


When it does record a show, I like how it labels the show name and episode name. Currently recording shows are identified with a yellow border, Manual Recordings have a red border and Favorites have a white border.

You have to realize though with the compression there is some quality loss.

MCE TV Tuner Roundup: Featuring ATI’s Theater 550 & NVIDIA’s NVTV

The card seems to have problems changing channels in MythTV’s live TV also when using earlier kernels; MythTV freezes vaermedia entering a channel number, and the only way out seems to be to kill the process. If you want to install the drivers manually for free you can visit the device manufacturer’s website to download the latest versions. What video equipment are you using? Should you want to use this tv card, enjoy.

This is a great card and I love it when it works which is avermedja of the time.

Which TV-tuner card for MEGA

We do our best to update store pricing and inventory amounts as they change. First, check for an appropriate video file.

They use what they call Intelligent Recording, it deletes those unscheduled recordings of live TV when you exit the program. Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. Any other makes which do the job? One slightly confusing fact: The transit time will vary by delivery averedia and our chosen ship method. If you get distorted audio even when using the above channel-changing script, try uncommenting the sleep 1 line. This problem was easily remedied with the v4lctl utility, which was part of the xawtv package on the Gentoo reference system:.


Does anyone know if the driver will work on XP Pro? You can see a perfect example of that below: I cant get it to work at all. I am not sure why Avermedia is so behind the times on this. If you do not have cable or satellite it will also work with an antenna hook-up. Or Easy Driver Pro registered version Just need to figure out how to stream it to my media receiver. The card’s most serious problem is its unreliability with earlier kernels; in tests with 2.

My initial hypothesis was that the MPEG-2 stream didn’t become stable for a brief period and that a delay via a call to sleep would cure the problem.