Shooting using the viewfinder is recommended when: Before operation, remove the insulation. You cannot monitor the sound. Digital video camera recorder, mini dv digital video cassette pages. Making your own titles You can make up to 2 titles and store them in the memory of your camcorder.

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Gadgets by Marrian Zhou Oct 16, While using the AC Adaptor, if any trouble occurs with this unit, disconnect the plug from Summary of the content on the page No. Page 79 Page 80 – Quickly locating a scene – Zero set memo There are horizontal lines on the picture or the playback picture is not clear or does not appear.

Page – Preventing accidental ppc105 – Image pr While using the AC Adaptor, if any trouble occurs with this unit, disconnect the plug from. The brightness of the image and the focus are adjusted and fixed while your camcorder targets at the center of the image. Using the online preview, you can quickly view the contents and go to the page where you will find the solution to your problem with Sony Handycam DCR-PC The title screen appears.


The self-timer starts counting down from about 10 seconds with a beep. Say goodbye to shake and hello to live streams. If you leave your camcorder in standby for 5 minutes while the cassette is inserted, your camcorder automatically turns off.

Sony Handycam DCR-PC user manual – – Solve your problem

Menu items are displayed as the following icons: Troubleshooting If you run into any problem using your camcorder, use the following table to troubleshoot the problem.

Congratulations on your purchase of this Sony Handycam.

Searching for a recording by date — Date search Date search using Cassette Memory searches for a recording by recording date. The subject can use this feature to check his or her own image on the LCD screen while you look at the subject in the viewfinder.

Sony DCR-PC105 Camcorder

Page – Superimposing a still image in a “Memory When using ecr i. A red B mark appears above the image that was being displayed before the change to the index screen mode. Page Page – Playing back images continuously – Slide To avoid flattening the battery, the insulation is inserted.

Insert the pressing on the cassette straight as far as cas. Shutter Max Shutter Speed. About this product Product Information Designed with easy-to-use features, Sony’s DCR-PC camcorder doesn’t just give you the power to capture exceptional video; it gives you the freedom to share treasured memories. Your camcorder starts recording. Drc the external microphone is connected, it takes precedence.


Carl Zeiss zoom lens – 10x zoom – 3. Page 2 Congratulations on your purchase of this Sony Handycam.

Firefox Download the latest version. Page Connecting your camcorder to a computer using the USB cable For Windows users 5 Select and delete the underlined devices below.

When fading out, the picture gradually changes from color to black-and-white. This starts USB pc10 installation. The battery charge level the percentage of remaining battery time and remaining battery time when using the LCD screen or viewfinder are displayed for about 7 seconds. Also, you cannot use fader while using the following functions: