Skip if previous userdbs haven’t yet found the user And finally we can control what happens when we’re finished with this userdb v2. Gestern habe ich meinen neuen Server mit Debian Wheezy eingerichtet. Existing virtual user management software VPopMail: It’s in the following format: Hauptsache die Artikel sind technisch und inhaltlich korrekt. This documentation is for Dovecot v2. It is also a bit faster since it avoids doing the userdb SQL query.

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Sage nichts — ich kenne deine Situation: The query can also return other extra fields which have special meaning. Changes the username can also be done by the passdb lookup Overwriting all mail-related settings, for example: These fields can be returned the exact same way as uid, gid, and home fields. Best regards, Tobias Reply Hello Christoph!

User Databases

Your step-by-step description finally allowed me to repair things. Last, if post-login scripting is usedit may modify the settings if wanted. To understand how imap and pop3 processes see their settings, it may be helpful to know how Dovecot internally passes them: Did not have problems untill today but by implementing the managesieve plugin in roundcube got indeed exactly the discribed problem.


Went through this tutorial about 5 times in the last 3 days. I think you should mention that that file should also contain these lines: I had a third line in the code that read:.

Bittebitte, lieber Christoph, stelle nicht die Arbeit an neuen Versionen dieses Tutorials ein.

UserDatabase – Dovecot Wiki

First all actual settings are first read into memory. Eine Perle im Internet! Login failed for john example.

I have done the tutorial for Squeeze 2 times before and thought I was able to do it. It must return a field named “password”.

Setting up Dovecot

This documentation is for Dovecot v2. IMAP and POP3 protocols currently have no concept of “domain”, so the username is just something that shows up in your logs and maybe in some configuration, but they have no direct functionality.

Let me try to force an upgrade and see if that helps my issue. This configuration file deals with services that allow communication with other processes.

AuthDatabase/PasswdFile – Dovecot Wiki

My problem at the moment: Userdb fields and extra fields that are used, unless overwritten by the userdb backend. Arguments for the userdb backend. The userdb lookup is also done by LDA to find out how to deliver mails for the user.


Research and poking around indicates this is because usedrb userdb is static, and not querying the sql. It may still be useful as a virus scanner if you want to protect Windows users but it is no longer covered in this tutorial.

It saved the day when my mail server was broken after the upgrade to Debian Jessie. Thanks to etckeeper, I had the possibility to make a diff. I checked the logs and it says: Userdb information generated from a given dovecoot VPopMail: If anyone has ideas on what might be wrong, please advise! Thank you Enrico Reply I just know fetchmail — which is probably similar. The password field can be in four formats: