May 13, at 2: I wanted to stick with Linux. I got no response from that, but I did get a response sending 0b The firing sequence is goofy and is better understood through experimentation than listening to me. Finally, another message of all zeroes. November 12th, 1. It seems as though the program doesn’t like when you plug the usb cable into a usb hub.

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Elementary OS app st – System Software. When I try echoing the characters to the usb devices, it tells me access denied even as root.

Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. Unpacking the zip is all you need for the Data Center software, because the executable is self-contained. I filed a problem report missiile the Google code project page, but so far I haven’t heard anything from the developer. I noticed though if I have the device unplugged and launch the program it will work.

December 12th, 2. That corresponds to sending: So my next step was to download PyUSBextract the zip into a directory, change into that directory, then run sudo python setup. When I say it works I mean the application will load but because the device is unplugged you can’t control the missile chesky. Sure enough, everything worked fine. Results 1 to 8 of 8.


My code has these lines: The ones on my Dell monitor didn’t work but on the front of the box they do. The camera part works in the usb hub but the launcher, not so much.

February 6th, 6.

Playing with a USB Missile Launcher

Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. She installs libusb-win32 and then runs a program called inf-wizard to make a driver chseky. Dream Cheeky Launcuer Missile Launcher I’ve had a launcher gathering dust for a few years but only just realised there were control packages in the repositories. It seems as though the program doesn’t like when you plug the usb cable into a usb hub. Firstly, try different usb ports. Join Date Jan Beans Normally I’d just let this project stand as it is, since it’s basically functional.

The time now is December 27th, 3. Put the headline here.

March 4th, 7. Extract the software zip file either from online or the CD. Detaching the kernel driver lets me talk to the device just fine.


Each mode of operation is signified by a bit in the first byte. Then we get the Endpoint info: Join Date Dec Beans 2.

USB Rocket Launcher implementation for Linux

Then sending a request of 0 got back a result of two zero bytes:. Since then, I’ve read more of the book and also gotten my hands on Qt-Assistant, and have been building another Qt project using the newfound knowledge see StreamMinder from the launfher to “Other content from Zelmo”.

As opposed to my Kommander script of last year, this is a stand-alone application with much better functionality.