At the top right of the screen is a drop down list, here you can choose from one of the six above sections. As far i know yes. You must log in or sign up to reply here. On the top is a neon blue LED that lights up when data is being written to prevent you from removing the cart. If your cart ever has its system folder deleted or get corrupted, the G6DS Real has a very minimalist loader that can run games. DS header information is not displayed within the OS. And obviously, the makers of the G6DS Real is the G6 team, who are known to produce high quality products, and stand behind their products for a very long time.

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Standard FAT system support. The cart itself is not up to standards because it is thicker than the original carts. Even though drag crd drop and soft reset works with every game, it is no longer surprising. If you have a compatible slot-2 flashcart and the patched rom it works just fine.

If you like the Gigabyte measurement and not the Gigabit like me. If you have any questions or want to comment about the review, then e-mail me at maximumhashi [at] hotmail [dot ] com.

Very easy to use if it wasn’t for some touch screen calibration issues. If your cart ever has its system folder deleted or get corrupted, the G6DS Real has a very minimalist loader that can run games.


As far i know yes.

gd6s All games i tested worked just fine. Hopefully this can be fixed in a future update. The R4 and M3 Simply have fixed download play in the newest firmware so lets see the G6 Team do the same. Hopefully they fix this simple thing in next loader updates, in the mean time you can use the handy FATSort to order your files in different ways.

Unless Ninty decides to block the current slot-1 flashcarts in new DS Lite models.

G6DS Real for NDS Roms Review

Oct 24, South England. I have to say, I love the packaging as well as the bonus accessories. Also the G6 Team can always fix these things in next loader updates.

The card holder is a nice freebie.

Concerning save files, there is no action needed on the end users part. This is probably the biggest advantage of G6DS Real.

It is awkward to insert and take out, but not really so bad. Is it compatible with all NDS Roms? I should note here that if you’re having trouble with your cards file system, that the Cwrd Real has a built-in self formatter. My suggestion is to always have a backup in your PC in case anything goes wrong. The second and most crucial and annoying bug is carx the touch screen controls are totally uncalibrated and messed up.


Is there any way to organize the order my files are displayed in G6DS Real?

G6DS Real Review

It automatically charges when your DS is on. So you might want to rename all your games when copying them. One thing to point out though, if you flip the card over and take a look at the golden fingers, you’ll notice that there are no plastic strips separating each pin unlike most other retail and flash carts.

Always make sure that the card is properly inserted otherwise the linker may not install properly. For the cheat files to work, you need to copy over the relating cheat file for each game g6dds the same directory as the game ROM itself.

Here’s a list of some games tested:. The kits were well designed and boasted high game compatibility ccard some extra features to boot. The build of the cart is sub-standard, as the chip sticking out is clearly causing problems. How much is the battery life?