Nobody was successful in using the software with this tablet. The settings of a profile are stored in the element profile. Gimp Graphics Intuos4 Tablet Wacom. Compiles and works flawlessly. Another notable download is a gnome graphical front-end for wacom-tools package called Wacom Control Panel. I let the surprise:

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Set the led of Wacom Intuos4 tablet on LinuxMint

The finger-sensitive Touch Ring is a large wheel interface similar to those you’d see on Apple products. Do you need help? October 19th, Extract the archive by executing the following command by replacing xyz with the version number of the archive: You can get some benefit from cloning the latest input-wacom and xfinput-wacom git repositories.

This is done as follows: You can check out the xsetwacom to configure your tablet.

How about extending this by adding a udev rule that automatically sets the icons and config configured e. There is no restriction on the number of profiles. Joshua Tyler 30 april It has been accepted by the 3. Thanks again for your great work! Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. The consultation of the xsetwacom documentation was fruitless. The nib is sensitive, requiring little pressure to register a response. Lutojar Nov 30 Click Save, then Ok and you’re done!


If you look for a method with I’m pretty new in Linux, intous4 though I’ve had Linux for a while I’ve had a Wacom linnux Intuos4 with mouse and ereaserpen for about a year, I installed drivers for it from synaptic back in Karmic, but I found they didnt work so I stopped using my tablet.

The active surface of the Intuos4 has some traction to it now.

Set the led of Wacom Intuos4 tablet on LinuxMint – David Revoy

Just be aware that installing software from The Linux Wacom Project will require you to remove the existing linuxwacom package if your distribution has already installed one for you. Jak 25 april GenXod Jul oinux The LED display doesn’t works out-of-the-boxand buttons can’t be customised with a user interface.

Second, for some Bamboo tablets and for Intuos4 tablets, buttons 4, 5, 6, 7 are not usable as are resereved by X. Kalafiorowski Apr 29 Put the headline here. Have fun and I hope you will had a good install! My tablet is an Intuos4 wireless, and I changed the product IDs in your code to match the product ID for my tablet and verified that your programs are finding it.


October 19th, 6.

I use Debian testing, and the X update has been available for a couple weeks, but I avoided updating because I knew something would break. The ExpressKey and Touch Ring are a little more tricky ljnux get working though. Also next Gnome 3 release might be also very cool, the tablet part get huge enhancement, sponsored by Linu Hat. Unfortunately, the code did not work for me, but it provided some useful information on accessing the tablet.

Using The Wacom Intuos4 Tablet With Linux (Part 1)

Sudo is necessary to unload and reload the wacom kernel module. No Intuos 4 tablet found. Deevad 7 years ago That’s a good news!