Inside Wondering what the heck a high-fidelity Inertial Harmonic Drive engine looks like? People have thought of all sorts of things they can do with vibrating electronic devices. Maybe you’ll really , um, love, it. If you can see perfectly well, I can think of no rational reason for you to buy one of these things. The software that makes the iFeel mouses do something when you’re doing normal Windows tasks is called Immersion Desktop. And I dare say it might make it easier to learn to use Windows if the several similar-looking window widgets each have their own distinct feel.

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It could be very useful in FPS games as well, perhaps to provide a way for one to know exactly what their player is getting hit with, or in RTS games to give more information about what is going on outside the current view of the game for instance. What about the feel? Aus PC Market don’t sell these products any more click here to see their current mouse-related productsbut you can still try a price search at DealTime! It’ll even work if you’re stone deaf.

As with my previous release of additional platform support for a computer peripheral named after a small furry mammal, the revelation of how to make my new mouse shake its little rodent booty ub with the help of Prof. People have thought of all sorts of things they can do with vibrating electronic devices.

Logitech iFeel Mouse – | eBay

Maybe you’ll reallyum, love, it. But Immersion allege that a tactile feedback mouse is “sixty million times better” than an ordinary one. The mouses don’t do anything special in games that take advantage of the other TouchSense gadgets.


At maximum power, it’s ridiculous. So much for the look. All I know is that I was awakened the next day by uwb sound of an incessantly oscillating pointing device that I had discarded in the trash can along with an empty bottle of Malacca. I really don’t think ordinary computer users need any of this, though.

Logitech 930525-0403 iFeel Mouse –

I don’t even remember how it happened. And if my grandmother had wheels, she’d be a wagon. And that’s about it. Similarly, Immersion say you can really feel the texture of on-screen surfaces in software that’s iFeel-enabled. They’re input devices with a mind of their own. Well no, you can’t, because the mouse can’t pull your hand anywhere.

The iFeel mouses are both USB devices, and they come with Logitech’s standard Mouseware driver software, and the separate iFeel driver package, both of which are set up as part of the standard install process.

If it were cordless, that could be really awkward. Now, if you don’t see too well, a buzzy twangy clicky mouse could be very handy indeed. And that’s a bunch of steaming fertiliser, if you ask me.

Logitech USB iFeel MouseMan Drivers

The top of the mouse keeps exactly the same texture all the time. To form the control packet, use ‘request type’ 0x21, ‘request’ 0x09, ‘value’ 0x, and ‘index’ 0x see USB Spec for more information on what these values are along with a 7-byte buffer as described below.


It should be noted that there is no license covering the communication between devices on my USB bus, so I couldn’t possibly have violated any reverse engineering clause in any license I may have accidentally agreed to in my drunken stupor.

Inside Wondering what the heck a high-fidelity Inertial Harmonic Drive engine looks like? The guts of the iFeel MouseMan look much like the innards of any similar mouse – microswitches for the buttons, separate board for the wheel assembly – except for the little Harmonic Drive whatsit attached to the lid.

Go ahead and play with an iFeel mouse in the shop and see what you think.

The commands are sent to the mouse’s USB mouuseman over the control pipe. While the usefulness of this may seem dubious, when used appropriately it could have a significant impact on the user experience. If you want a delay longer than ms or more than pulses, you have to do it yourself using multiple vibrate commands.

I’ve found only two commands that you can send to the device that actually do anything. This starts the mouse vibrating with the specified intensity and delay between pulses ms for the specified count of pulses It’s not as if the mouse bucks in your hand like an arcade-game light gun, though.