Is there something wrong with the current cooler? Aura89 , Aug 21, If you have any further question, please don’t hesitate to ask and we will do our best to answer them. My card right now runs at 49 dergrees so Rivatuner says,but haven’t did to much gamming yet. I agree don’t even waste money on that card.

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I think the Zalman vf is the only option and you won’t be able to use the ramsinks. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Karl 2Dec 6, Don’t waiste money on such an old card man. Is there something wrong with the current cooler? Start saving for a new PC Canadianguy, Mxi pretty cool.

Yes, my password is: Can you believe Arctic Cooling has abandoned a very successful design for big ugly looking passive coolers???? I’m interested in the Vantec Iceberq 6 since it’s design is similar to the legacy Arctic Cooling silencers.

I wish I waited 1 year. There are vendors out there claiming “all cards” but I never trust that until I’ve seen a review from someone who’s actually matched up the mounting holes with the card that I’m using!


VGA Bios Collection: MSI GT MB | TechPowerUp

The basic Sonata vers. I agree don’t even waste money on that card.

Log in or Sign up. I also like real-time strat games a lot so as long as Starcraft 2 works on this system I don’t see why it wouldn’t I’m good to go for next year! Do abp already have an account?

Aftermarket cooling for Geforce 7600gt AGP

I built this system in late Fall for about bucks after rebates. Aura89Aug 21, If the Zalman vfcu is my only option, I’ll go with that one By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

CanadianguyDec 7, Of course it helps a lot that I’m a casual gamer, and usually wait until game prices come down to 20 bucks before I buy them! Jelle, I hear what you are saying Your 760gt or email address: I like having a cooler that directly vents the warm air out the back of the case. I don’t think the needs the RAM sinks, I’m not sure about the Here’s the complete rig, I’m an odd combination of a silent PC abp, casual gamer, budget minded, and even play a little with MIDI on my synth. I’d like something quieter than the stock XFX cooler.


Hey routerjock what settings do you play those games on?

MSI 7600 GT 256 MB BIOS

I see this is a bit of an old thread but just an FYI for future reference if you ever do decide you want to upgrade your graphics card without having to upgrade everything else you have gap minimal out of pocket money etc.

Right now the loudest thing is the XFX stock fan on the gt.

I’ve also seen that Thermaltake now has a design that direct-vents warm air out the back of the case. I’m getting the same carddid u find a solution? CanadianguyDec 6, 7600ft I started out with a nv.